June - 10 - 2016


Hello to all visitors and to all members.

A very big thank you to all the honest, veracious and truly members - thank you very much.
Without you i had no chance to reach the 10 years jubilee of my site bikini-pleasure at the June-10-2016.

I wanted to work for my site another 10 years until my retirement in 2026.
But now i have to stop to update my contend because of too few real members.

From the beginning in 2006 i had big problems with password hackers, who published the hacked passes.
In January 2007 i had the first server crash because of too many people illegal in my members area.
Three more crashes followed in the next four years although i controlled the "log-file" of my members area
two times a day, every 365 days a year. Especially during weekends the most hacks were released.

Since 2011 the number of members goes back.
Maybe my work is too bad ???

An another possibility are all the Hosting- or Upload- or Cloud- or i say all the Criminal-Server.
That are all the upload-server who do not pay for uploading illegal copyrighted content, only a commission for new member on their sites based on the uploaded illegal copyrighted content.

The last years i spend every day (7 days a week) 3 and more hours to write dmca/abuse reports.
Thats the time other people go to whose hobbies, have a barbecue and all you make in your leisure time.

Just in the last 12 months i wrote 2742 dmca/abuse reports, that are more than 7,5 reports a day.

Some of the illegal uploader from the last months, i say disgusting, nasty parasites, bloodsucker and scrounger are:

M_Pow3r, vpsbon, burner, rockworld, PIMP20, Nomad69, MikeStar, ViperGirls, Tenminute, Que, ititit, PornKing, djamesxxx, manxsister, BelkaAdmin, barracuda13, mrdka6666, coskun, alx1078, Veloryas, express, Mihin, pornlife99, derank, pervmann2000, dezwon, Davidpornnam, yugisex2, NewOcean, Tdog96, victoraz, k2spro, No9az, warkaols, mor6DOR, spike2005, odinnot, express, Braveheart35, bdpirates, bdlovers, asnetu, Blackdragon666, Swarovski, glendower, green_IT, melisaw, klubsoda, barracuda13, megic, ThunderBG, morbidus, eric, Kakao, VoiVoD, TommyH, richard, Sharp, marmax, Frederick, Nightwolf69, PornVault, warkaols, pornlife99, zhorner69, derank, vik74, Krakhaus, Fearless1989, Tdog96, tlover20, dezzz, typtronic1, yhfukn, neilcron, srv13, Caucasus, xakutara, Canis, Korps, modelshrek2012, Cosmopolitan, gzsb, Raine1974, pmedio, ohmyfuck, bebe33, Paradise6666, Weedslavsky, azbox, vajasdeszka, Ishiro Takamoto, Melder, nturoasd, etheros, zhorner101, cheetah85, tatooman, nestamarley, bhebak, xArtx, dendis, akuma1983, cober, tumboo9, manxsister, J T, DeniS22, Que, Hashtag, Veloryas, SaulMayers, =Milena=, ricardo87, Jackeq, Fckberg, Davidpornnam, PornVault, rockworld, ufounet, cimshaa, gralsser, ptp2305, ohmyfuck, spike2005, manxsister, torrnado65, kursum, express15, ...

Over 120 criminal people who upload illegal my copyrighted content just from the last months.

Then all the people who say "THANK YOU" to all the disgusting, nasty parasites, bloodsucker and scrounger:

worfbe, nie_nie, Ron, Niffig, Darkstone, Studebaker, Timeticker, aom, L-robin, Fido, jake72469, PM4EVER, Kai Abgegast, Mountain, Blackdragon666, phorbus, feetfeet, ilikerock, PALAULYSSES, drzurkon, Achjay, gatolover, Ghostrider, L61R, ramli123, slurmph, hintofmagic, Hunt4rednovember, sexylauren, gatolover, Ghostrider, jamesticoro, johnno, primelsetzer, slurmph, smileymyrus, whoami1, wickie2007, gorpie, jstlkng88, kladda5, PhilP, Sandro2310, bacarlitos, benito, jamesticoro, ramli123, bertogu, footos, gatolover, Ghostrider, jamesticoro, johnno, lexoo, maruffel, PixHunter, primelsetzer, Puck68x, scappini, slurmph, smileymyrus, wickie2007, Woden_Woody, barbos, rcbsttx, princess020, hintofmagic, idolcore, jellystain, voyeur555, aetherhead, auuu, Despirito, einexile, gilbates, imarco, Joli, jonnny5, klanobulk, McTavish, PhilP, rayman2dc, schmoe128, TuNk77, waitingowl, hintofmagic, jstlkng88, Aero900, EddieD, hintofmagic, scappini, slurmph, TheTurnipOfDoom, gorpie, jamesticoro, jstlkng88, kladda5, mikemat, slurmph, Thomas61, bamamater, Boubi, Brutaliss, ctrlshift, Generaator, gilbates, urbano, jm320, r0cks, ramli123, SLAVCIO, Boubi, Brutaliss, ctrlshift, Generaator, gilbates, hintofmagic, xxxsite, bigD, hintofmagic, hardcorepawn, pablocruise79, ALEXHTA, cblknittights, DavidArnett, Kegan Kerr, majoka, makisman, ophil69, pluimpy, ramli123, rga, staticman, Tasma, thethirdacc, 7h3h1d, DavidArnett, hap98h, Invisibile, McTavish, nguyenkar, ramli123, rga, sergio77, slim2007br, thethirdacc, TuNk77, viplocator, Dmc251, jotajose18, klanobulk, McTavish, naissankari, auuu, axolotl, beautiful1, boashire, DavidArnett, frambueso, MASLOFF, ramli123, rayman2dc, Thomas61, ute, Xzaaa, Grunfi, Kegan Kerr, lorelei, naissankari, nguyenkar, porker, Invisibile, Joli, KarlSmart, klanobulk, McTavish, nguyenkar, Simon5657, futzi, johnno, klanobulk, blondinet, boashire, canary, texas00, theshadowalker, ophil69, klanobulk, Likander, Despirito, Dick Sneider, DooRetsam, marktd, mistersocko, blabla97, BlindG, blondinet, cevat06, DavidArnett, Despirito, Dick Sneider, Dredd007, edgardofr, fuckthename, hap98h, kajphas, KarlSmart, klanobulk, lafever, marktd, mictheghost, naissankari, norfs, ophil69, ramli123, Red Baron, Roadwarrior, rwwatson, sexylauren, snakebyte, TuNk77, urbano, wa1rus, clara9159, Michail, aetherhead, aghevader, frambueso, hap98h, jadka, Kosaka, n3w, pedroc, peelie, PhantomElf, TheShadow, vpfrenky, Simon5657, tallpaul, lewov_04, majoka, Grasshopper7, johnno, kogna, MASLOFF, mike0827, n3w, 3JR, cevat06, DavidArnett, Despirito, Dredd007, ebbtide, edgardofr, frsmit65, fuckthename, hap98h, jdub, justperving, KarlSmart, lafever, MARYESPABLO, Meimay76, mictheghost, naissankari, norfs, Ringabell, TuNk77, wa1rus, waitingowl, Iciaooo, jxb, me2011, L61R, bamamater, Alpenrode, cblknittights, ibsnipin, standarsh1, tallpaul, racer6, Lylak86, nivla, njeagle, urbano, rcbsttx, nekkator, nivla, pedroc, petroveg, krensauce, lewov_04, linkmail, makisman, Andreich, antoine300, frogtie, miron2009, ophil69, b00mbastic, keyzer_suze, Kiutu, NithinR, rafael44, tallpaul, Trinpaul, TuNk77, csiga, AndersenC, alexreyesm, Postin, DooRetsam, ute, mysteryspirit, SarahO, Svarty, misterrouge1, mescal, club123, debetles, Dick Sneider, Johan01, KarlSmart, seandude, Navarre, kriztian, threeiv, feng, gitw, klanobulk, Lemmi, mistersocko, sergio77, The Jack of Hearts, threeiv, va9ra, caarcaar, ccorel, Dianaownz, gitw, giucanu, jamaalwilliams, jouri, kcmac21, klanobulk, Lemmi, mistersocko, skyfallseige, slurmph, threeiv, TuNk77, Despirito, klanobulk, Lemmi, rafael44, tennge, VanDraw65, greenlemon, NightlySun, rfsimpson, wildbill_on, ACDC, caarcaar, ccorel, Dianaownz, gitw, giucanu, jamaalwilliams, jouri, kcmac21, klanobulk, Lemmi, mistersocko, sergio77, skyfallseige, slurmph, threeiv, va9ra, Capstone1, desmodromic, hoggel, Kiutu, Navarre, norfs, rafael44, Reptil3Guy, rfsimpson, slurmph, tallpaul, threeiv, Trinpaul, vixxie, Achjay, Antarius, caarcaar, ccorel, desmodromic, Dianaownz, DmasteRNo1, fdje, Flynn, frambueso, gitw, giucanu, hawk0474, jamaalwilliams, jouri, kcmac21, klanobulk, Lemmi, me2011, mistersocko, Navarre, sergio77, skyfallseige, slurmph, The Jack of Hearts, threeiv, va9ra, brucetel, 2sday, barbos, contrail_33, desmodromic, ehsjpdi, FearNot, gitw, joeybandit, klanobulk, lsasml, man2014, mistersocko, Navarre, nestro, rafael44, stevelon, VanDraw65, ACDC, b6l4z30, BlinkyMcSpanky, carioka, cevat06, csiga, dave196412, Dick Sneider, izidor66, jethro, jmacvg, Kiutu, Mad77, Navarre, rubber beaver, silvrstrk, stevelon, threeiv, tigerfan10, TuNk77, VanDraw65, auuu, cevat06, ChrisBaker, DavidArnett, ducky, fdje, felipe13, guillermo888, halarcon, jethro, Joli, Kegan Kerr, KgCuxq5DT2A2RfUC, klanobulk, lorelei, McTavish, Obione, primelsetzer, ramli123, staticman, tennge, texas00, thethirdacc, threeiv, Xzaaa, 2sday, bogalaxxx, dave196412, desmodromic, e20097, greenlemon, hintofmagic, peris78, Socker, ushama, YOGI_18, zadzial,...

WOW !!!
If all this people, who like my content, pay to me and not to the Criminal-Server i have no problem to keep my site alive!!!
And all this people say "THANK YOU" to the criminal uploader, who just spend some minutes to upload a set without any costs!

But this is only an iceberg tip. Example:

http://www.kitty-kats.net/forums/bikini.282/ when you scroll down you see: Bikini Pleasure update 2015-06-27 (1104 Sets-1154 Videos)
Views: 2,386,626 in just 18 months. - WOW - over 24 times more than on my own site.

And there are so many other forum sites and complete site-rip sites which publish all the links to the illegal uploaded copyrighted content.

During my search on one of hundreds of forum sites where the links to all the upload server are published i found
this post from "catchhill", a nasty parasite who upload illegal 604 videos at once (SiteRip):
"I spent many hours to test & upload for you. Why don't you just spend 5s to say "Thanks you" ? It's the best way by which you can Let others support me! "

SORRY!!!! Something is wrong!!!!
A criminal asshole, who just spend some hours without any costs to upload illegal stolen videos want a "Thanks you" ???
To create 604 videos you need many years and much over 120.000,00 Euros for all the costs !!!!

I want to give you a short overview about the costs from my last one week photoshooting with four models on Fuerteventura:

Salary for models and the video man and fee for model agency 7200,00 Euro
Traveling expenses flights, hotel, transfer to and back airport etc 5480,00 Euro
2 rent cars for a week 460,00 Euro
Little costs like park place toll, petrol, Water and small food for during the day etc 350,00 Euro

All together are 13490 Euro for 68 sets. That are 198,38 Euro for each set! Without any money for my work!!!

All the Criminal-Server have "NO COSTS"!!! for the content. They pay only a commission for new member on their sites.

To prepare a set for a site update i need 12 to 20 working hours.
For the pictures sets i need the most time. To select arround 100 pics from +/- 300 pics and to edit them needs a long time.

The payout for the models since 2009 is the same. WHY??? All aduld sites have to save up. Be sure, if so many people pay for the Criminal-Server,
the quality goes down and much more sites have to close. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR ALL THE CRIMINAL-UPLOADSERVER!!!!!!!!

To keep my site alive i need for two 1 week photoshootings and server costs etc. arround 24000 - 30000 Euros a year.
And very important - PLUS some Euros to keep me alive :-)

Every year since 2011 the number of real members goes back. In the last arround 24 months i got too less payments to finance my site.
I have to earn my money to keep me alive in another way - be sure in an honest manner.

And now i stop updating my site. Because:

Too less honest, veracious and truly members and much to much to much to much... criminal people.

A big, big thank you to all honest, veracious and truly members again.
More from you and i could keep my site alive.

Greeting from Germany